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The List and Descriptions of Brownie Cameras

The List of Brownie Movie Cameras and Projectors

The List of Hawkeye Cameras

The List of Kodak Cameras (Non-Brownie)


f/Stops and Shutter Speeds

The History of Kodak Roll Films


Milestones of Kodak

Origin of the Brownies: An interesting article from the Ladies' Home Journal of November, 1892 by Palmer Cox

Brownie Camera Ads and Posters 1900-1963

The Eastman Anniversary Camera: Given away to 12 year-olds in 1930 to celebrate 50 years of Kodak!


Film: Where to get it and process it

Finding Film Spools: Respool your own film and use that camera!

Flashbulbs & Batteries

Manuals - Instruction Booklets - Pamphlets: Many are free, viewable on-line, and downloadable!


Beginners Guide To Understanding And Using A Brownie Box Camera
by Pete Lutz

How-To Covert A 116/616 Box Camera To Shoot 120 Film
by Pete Lutz

How-To & Why: Respooling 120 Film Onto A 620 Spool with a video
by Chuck Baker

How-To Clean a Lens: "Here's Soap in Your HawkEye"
by Charles Clemens

How-To Determine a Manufacture Date
by Chuck Baker

How-To Open Different Kodak Brownie Box Camera Models
by Chuck Baker


Flickr Brownie Gallery: Free to join and upload your images!

The Original Gallery of the Brownie Shooters From a time when blogs and auto-uploads did not exist!

A Must See Gallery Special - Yosemite in 1937: Bud Collins and His Eastman Anniversary Camera


International Brownie Camera Day: Anyone Can Participate!

The Brownie Camera Guy's Blog: Photography Articles, How-To's & Rants

The Alternative Photographer: For Those Who See Through A Different Lens

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The Brownie Group A Great Little Magazine for Brownie Collectors

Links to Friends of The Brownie Camera Page

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