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Brownie 127

Kodak Brownie 127 Camera

Type: Solid body eyelevel rollfilm
Introduced: 1952
Discontinued: 1959
Film size: 127
Picture size: 1 5/8 X 2 1/2"
Manufactured: UK
Lens: Meniscus f/14, 65mm
Shutter: Single speed 1/50 sec
Numbers made: Millions (1,000,000 by Aug 1954)
Original Price: $4.75

The Brownie 127 has a moulded smooth plastic body with broad horizontal steps and an optical direct vision finder.

1952-1955: The first Brownie 127 camera had a plain lens face-plate.
1956-1959: The original plain lens face-plate was replaced with a cross-hatched face-plate.

Fun Facts:
263,000 of these cameras were exported to the United States and Canada between May, 1953 and September, 1954. The Brownie 127 ranks right up there with the most popular Kodak cameras made.

When figuring out what model you have look for little differences. In this case how the name of the camera looks and the graphic on the face-plate can be a quick giveaway.

Here's an article for helping determine a manufacture date using
"C A M E R O S I T Y", among other methods.

There are also two other "Brownie 127" cameras. One is the Brownie 127, Second Model manufactured from 1959-1963. The other, as you may have guessed, is the Brownie 127, Third Model manufactured from 1965-1967.

Click here to see a manual for the Brownie 127, Second Model, which is very similar to this camera.

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