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Brownie Starlet, US model

Kodak Brownie Starlet, US model Camera

Type: Solid body eyelevel rollfilm
Introduced: July 1957
Discontinued: June 1962
Film size: 127
Picture size: 1 5/8 X 1 5/8"
Manufactured: US & France
Lens: Dakon
Shutter: Rotary
Numbers made: ?
Original price: $6.00

The Brownie Starlet, US model featured a moulded plastic body and optical direct vision finder. It could support a flash gun by using the pin and screw flash contacts.
In 1961, US production of this camera rebranded it as the Brownie Bullet II camera. They look to be identical with the exception of a new faceplate and elimination of the pin and screw flash contacts.

Though the models produced in the United States and France were both named the Brownie Starlet, US model, there seems to have been slight variations of the nameplates. The word "Brownie" is above the lens on the US version while the French-made models have variations including a red boxed Kodak logo on the left and on the right above the lens as well as the metal piece on the top of the camera having slightly different shapes stamped into them.

Fun Facts:
The Kodak Brownie Star simple plastic cameras were very popular. Over 10 million Star series cameras were made from 1957 with versions continuing into the late 1960s. The original design was by Arthur H. Crapsey. All were based on a similar layout with each model having various combinations of different viewfinder and flash arrangements, some built-in, some external, some with no flash facility. Some models were available in different colors as well. The "star" name was applied to 127 film cameras, but there were similar models made using 620 film.

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