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Brownie Camera (110 Cartridge)
(Anniversary Brownie)

The Last Brownie Camera

Eyelevel 110 Cartridge Loading
Introduced: 1980
Discontinued: 1982
Film size: 110 Cartidge
Picture size: 0.51" x 0.67"
Manufactured: Australia and England
Lenses: Single Element F/11, 25mm Fixed Focus
Shutters: Single Speed 1/60 Second
Numbers made: ?
Original price: ?

This camera was designed boxier than other 110 cameras for easy holding. It has a "flipflash" socket and a thumbwheel film advance. This camera is a renamed Kodak Pocket A1 camera in black plastic. It was cosmetically changed and renamed Brownie Camera in the Spring of 1980. It is also referred to as the Anniversary Brownie, which was the intended name.
*Not to be confused with the Eastman Anniversary Camera.

As far as I can tell, there are no variations according to when it was made during it's two year production life.
There are differences between the camera made in Australia and England.
The Australian-made camera has an orange shutter release button and is solid black around the lens.
The British-made camera has a black shutter release button and a is solid silver(chrome) color around the lens.
Both cameras use a different typeface, or font, on the front.

The Last Brownie Camera image
Fun Facts:
This renamed version of the Kodak Limited pocket A1 camera was designed in 1979 for the 100th anniversary, occuring in 1980, of the founding of George Eastman's company. The body was moulded in milk chocolate plastic with gilt nameplate. lens panel and centenary motif. A matching hard ever-ready case was also designed. A small number were made for evaluation but unfortunately the decision was made not to market this attractive model. I have never seen the unreleased camera but I sure would like to!

This gold edition of the Brownie Camera was brought to my attention by Jake Brookie. He kindly sent these images and said: "This camera appears to be a special edition of the 1980 Anniversary Brownie made for display. All I know of it is that it was made for an Australian Kodak shop in the 1980s." Brownie Camera image by Jake Brookie

Anniversary Brownie

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