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Brownie Reflex & Brownie Reflex Synchro Model

Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro Model

Type: Box rollfilm
Introduced: May 1940 (1946 in the UK)
Discontinued: May 1952 (May 1960 in the UK)
Film Size: 127
Picture Size: 1 5/8 X 1 5/8 inches
Manufactured: US and UK
Lens: Meniscus
Shutter: Rotary
Numbers made: ? (in the millions)
Original price: $5.25 | Synchro model $6.00

This popular camera has a "twin-lens reflex" pattern with a large brilliant finder with folding hood.

The non-synchronised model was produced from 1940 until August 1941. The Synchro Model, with a 2 pin flash system, was produced from September 1941 until May 1952.

Fun Facts:
I've always felt that this Brownie model was out of place, unlike just about any ther Brownie camera. It's quite heavy and almost clumsy to use. The flash unit uses a strange attachment system. With that said, it is fun to use!

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