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Brownie 620

Kodak Brownie 620 Camera

Type: Box rollfilm
Introduced: 1933
Discontinued: 1936
Film size: 620
Picture size: 6 X 9 cm
Manufactured: Germany
Lens 1933: Doublet f/8 - f/16 - f/32 with two close-up lenses
Lens 1934-36: Doublet f/11 - f/16 - f/22 with two close-up lenses
Shutter: Box-shutter
Numbers made: 27,000
Original price: ?

The Brownie 620 is a black leatherette covered metal box with geometric design in black enamel and nickel chrome on front. It has two brilliant viewfinders and a shutter release lock.

Fun Facts:
This camera is abit of an oddity in that the box camera design was not manufactured in great numbers by Kodak AG in Germany. The cameras produced in Germany tended to be of a more intricate design, like the Kodak Retina cameras. Even this Brownie 620, with it's f/stop selection and close-up lenses, shows a degree of precision not found in many Brownie box models. Click here for more information about Kodak AG in Germany.

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