Rod Walent

"I received my Brownie Reflex II from my mother-in-law last spring. I started using black and white film to see if the camera was in working order. To my delight, it seems to be working perfectly. I quickly shot two rolls of black and white film (Efke R100), and started using color (Fujicolor Superia 100), both resized for a 620 camera. The more I use this format, the more I like it. I think I prefer the medium format to 35mm format. Over the next few months I acquired a Brownie Reflex Syncro Model and a Brownie Flash Six-20. I have not used any film in these cameras, yet, but I have cleaned them up, and they seem to be in working order. I started in photography about 20 years ago, basically as an amateur, but I have done some sports photography for a professional soccer team. Most of these photographs are from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Northeastern Ohio." -Rod Walent

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