John Tyre

My camera is an exact copy of the Brownie Six-20. Made by Agfa in the early fifties, it is even called a six twenty and is identical in every feature to the Kodak. I was given the old camera as a gift from my mother-in-law as an addition to my studio shelves. When I recieved this camera it wasn't working, but intrigued me none the less, and of course I could find no film for it readily available. I fixed and modified it so now it has an approxamate 6X12 image area. After getting it to work, I modified the spools to take 120 film, so that I could load it in the field. My work allows me to travel and I inevitably get my favorite pictures from this old box, though as a location photographer my clients have yet to see the commercial potential! Thus, it will continue to be only my favorite......hope you enjoy them. -John Tyre

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