Jeff Maher

"I started working with the Brownie Target Six-20 about 5 years ago. I picked one up at a flea market and realized I couldn't run film thru it without special order, so I reworked it, mounting the front end in a box, and using a 4x5 polaroid holder. I shoot type 55 Polaroids so I can produce a negative, and use Fuji and Kodak 160 readyloads. The dreamy effect comes from the fact that the lens probably hasn't been cleaned in 40 years and that the Polaroid holder is a little offset from the film plane (unitentionally!). I've recently acquired a 2A model B that I've rigged to hold 120 film so I'll see where that goes. Most of the images are from Islamorada in the Florida Keys and New York City. I have been in the photgraphy industry since 91 in various phases and am now a producer for print advertising. Any questions or comments please e-mail me "   -   Jeff Maher

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