Carsten Corleis

"My name is Carsten Corleis and I live in Moisburg, Northern Germany. Photography is one of my interests, and especially to "resurrect" older cameras. It began first with an "Agfa Isolette V" for 6x6cm-Rollfilm, the next experience with the "Jurassic Park-cameras of grandpa" I made with a "Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor" followed by an old 13x18 wooden camera that used dry-plates. I use different rollfilm-cameras, a "Kodak 620 Junior" (with this camera i have taken the pictures on this page), a "Voigtlaender AVUS" for 9x12cm planfilm or, with a RADO-rollfilm-back, for 6x9cm rollfilm and two old Leica-cameras (a model III from 1934 and a model IIIa from 1939). A "Kodak Brownie No.2A Folding Autographic" is still waiting for reactivating, but unfortunately it is nearly impossible to find the obsolete 116-Film here in Germany. The pictures on this page were taken with the "Kodak 620 Junior" on expired 400ASA Color-Film (transformed to B/W on this page) on grey, rainy and cold November days. This was my first try with the "Kodak 620 Junior" and my first self developed color-rollfilms too." -Carsten Corleis

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